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Program Approach

The GEF GEF UNDP/SGP in India is implemented country wide as a Full Scale Project (FSP). The project document is attached for reference and as learning for perspective partners for the type of issues it prioritizes. The proposals for accessing the grants needs to be submitted by Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and Community based organizations (CBOs) and the Non- profit Organization as per the template to the respective regional offices of the CEE.
              The GEF GEF UNDP/SGP program anchored through the National Project Manager (NPM) of the GEF UNDP/SGP based in New Delhi is supported through a more decentralized system of Regional Offices of CEE in order to reach out locally to the remote, un-reached and inaccessible poor degraded areas of the country, forest tribal communities by the national parks, protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries etc. It aims to provide a countrywide coverage and to also address the local issues and national priorities more appropriately. While the strategy has been very effective in drawing out the NGO's and CBO's to address the issues in a more sustainable matter, it remains to see how we can involve the people's initiatives through the Community Based Organizations (CBO). This demands greater hand holding at the grass root levels and at different stages within the GEF UNDP/SGP program. CEE has always sensitized the 'evolving processes within the GEF UNDP/SGP and reflect how they can be continuously improvised'. The Regional Committees are the first level review process in overseeing the effectiveness of the project proposals under the GEF UNDP/SGP, later to be approved by the National Steering Committee (NSC). Small Grants Programme provides grants to organizations for activities that address local problems with Global effects and offer solutions in areas of: