Project Completed Successfully

The Chetana
“Protection of Environment by Women Initiative”

Grant Amount: Rs. 4,92,000

The goal of the project was to involve the local people, especially women folk to protect the degrading eco-system through generating awareness about the renewable energy devices viz. biogas, smokeless chullah, introduce organic compost, plantation of fuel wood, organise thrift and credit groups for the self employment opportunity and to make the beneficiary self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Contact Details:
Mr. Subidh Kumar Panda, Director and Member secretary
Village Ballav, P.O.Bainsia, Via - Mahimagadi,
District Dhenkanal - 759 014, Orissa
Phone no(s): 06762 - 89922


“Strengthening the process of Networking and Federation Building among Forest Protection Commities of Rangpur Area in Orissa”

Grant Amount: Rs. 3,99,800

The project was proposed to form cluster and block level forums of Forest Protection Committees (FPCs) and to create linkages among FPCs and the forums to enhance cross learning. It also proposed to increase the awareness and understanding of federation members on issues related to community forest management, develop institutional mechanisms capable of conflict resolution at community level, and to strengthen forest protection and bio-diversity conservation initiatives in the state managed on a sustainable basis with institutional mechanisms to deal with the issues arising out of natural resource management which would contribute to the livelihood of the local people.

Contact Details:
Mr. Y. Giri Rao, Programme Officer
10, Second Road, Eastern Park, Santoshpur, Kolkatta - 700 075
Phone no(s): 033 - 416 1534/5389
E-mail: mrsg@cal2.vsnl.net.in

Janamangal Mahila Samiti
“Restoration of Chilika Lake Ecology and its adjoining Villages”

Grant Amount: Rs. 7,52,300

The project was concern to restore the Chilika ecology by reducing water logging and salinity of cropland arise due to extensive prawn culture in and around the lake. The emphasis has given to promote organic manure and bio- fertilizers instead of application of chemical fertilizer and pesticides for sustainable farming and to study the existing features of the Chilika and the salinity problems of cropland. It is proposed to take up suitable steps for cleaning, deepening and widening of drainage channels, introduce composite Pisciculture and fresh water aquaculture, organise training programme, and strengthening the people’s organisation.

Contact Details:
Ms. Swarnalata Devi, Secretary
At/ PO - Dimirisena, Via Brahmagiri,
District Puri - 752 011, Orissa
Phone no(s): O6752 - 63001

“Participatory Eco-development of Cluster of villages in the catchment area of Chilika Lagoon”

Grant Amount: Rs. 9,00,000

The goal of the project is to stabilize selected village area on saturation basis in the catchments area of the Lagoon Chilika through a menu of land treatments, emphasizing soil and moisture conservation and by introducing more sustainable land management systems, including seeking long term, community based, management solutions for plushy non-arable lands. The project also consist of establishment of vegetative cover barriers and demonstrations of associated production systems, such as agro-forestry, alley cropping and dry land horticulture on arable, private lands, together with land treatments such as vegetative soil and moisture conservation measures. The project would also facilitate formation of village level institution and capacity building, participatory planning and monitoring capabilities research and training.

Contact Details:
Mr.D.P.Dash, Secretary
137, Dharma Vihar, P.O. Khandagiri,
Bhubaneshwar - 751 030, Orissa
Phone no(s): 0674 - 351 182, 350 466
Fax: 0674 - 434 485

Ongoing Project

NISARG - Natural Institute of Social Change & Generation
“Innovative Project on Promotion and Protection of Indigenous Strains of Crops through Organic Farming to Conserve Biodiversity”

Grant Amount : Rs.7,00,000

The main objective of the project is to protect the indigenous strains of crops, to train farmers on organic farming and use of bio fertilizers, develop a seeds bank, a demonstration farm, plantation, vermi-composting, establishment of a Farmer’s Club, training and awareness programmes. It also intends to adopt alternative systems of cultivation for sustainable agriculture like crop rotation, inter cropping, mixed cropping, trap cropping and weed control measures. The activities of the project are selection of varieties of seeds, which are short, medium and long duration with the characteristics of tolerance with water, pest and drought. It also proposed to use traditional practices of green manuring, vermiculture, bio-fertilizer, plant micro organics and sustainable land use to increase soil fertility and discrimination of knowledge through practical training, demonstration sharing and exposure visits.

Contact Details:
Dr.Subodh Wagle, Coordinator
Rukmini Niwas, 9, Sundralane, Main Road, Khurda - 752 055, Orissa
Phone no(s): 06755 - 21450,20062

Manav adhikar Seva Samiti (MASS), Sambalpur, Orissa

“Ecodevelopment Activities around the Gandhamardan hill ranges through Community Participation, to reduce pressure on this Ecologically fragile Bio-reserve”

Grant Amount: Rs.11,90,000

The project emphasizes to save the fast degrading biodiversity in the Gandhamardan Hill ranges by promoting eco-development activities in selected villages around the Gandhamardan Hills with focus on land, water and other natural resource development so that sustainable livelihood mechanisms can be ensured and thereby reducing the pressure on the already degrading forests. The project also incorporates to initiate a campaign to advocate for declaring Gandhamardan as sanctuary through formation of a “Conservation and Livelihood Network”, capacity building of leaders of the network and leaders of other people’s institutions.

Contact Details:
Mr.Ranjan Panda
Dhanupali, Sambalpur - 768 100, Orissa
Phone no(s): 0663 - 252 0962, 240 4974
Fax: 0663 - 254 0936

The Humanity

"Biodiversity Conservation of wide range reserve forest area of Khaprakhol Block of Bolangir District through strengthening of local institution building process and development of sustainable forest based livelihood with involvement of the community and SHGs "

Grant Amount : Rs. 12,00,000

Project involves activities for formation of SHG Cooperatives, Orientation training of Cooperatives. It has a objective of Processing and marketing of oil seeds items like Mahua seeds, Kusum seeds, Jarda seeds, Harida seeds, Karanj Seeds, Neem seeds, Amla seeds and ground nut, herbal species will be undertaken to provide livelihood support to the women groups.
Developing herbal garden in 8 High School Campus to make the student aware on Biodiversity and use of herbal medicine, Documentation of traditional herbs/ plants which are on the verge of extinction, Participatory village ecosystem planning.

Contact Details:
Mr.Pradip Pradhan

At Linepara, PO Patnagarh,
District - Bolangir, Orissa - 767 025
Phone no(s): 06658 - 222 670
Fax: 06658 - 222 138

WOSCA - Women's Organisation for Socio-Cultural Awareness

"An Approach for Sustainable development among tribals through participatory biodiversity conservation at Raghunathpur Gram Panchayat of Keonjhar District in Orissa"

Grant Amount : Rs. 11,36,000

This project is an attempt to restore habitats and bring down the rate of deforestation by educating the tribals using the forests and building their capacities to sustain this effort. The tribals entirely depend on forest produce for their living. This has also contributed largely to deforestation. 40% of the project area was under dense forest cover in 1982, but this came down to 26% in 2001 making this biodiversity rich area a threatened eco-system. Therefore, with the help of village level clubs, local women leaders, social workers, local officials of related government departments, a resource map will be developed, demonstration sites will be selected using PRA method and stakeholders will be chosen. Self Help Groups will be formed for effective functioning of a micro-credit financing system. Also, a community nursery will be set up in the demonstration sites to control erosion of biodiversity in home gardens plantation of medicinal plants and to promote kitchen gardening.

Contact Details:
Dhauritri Rout, Secretary/ Dr.Rina Rout, President

At - Baldevjew Colony, Mining Road, Keonjhar - 758 001, Orissa
Phone no(s): 06766 - 253 490 Fax: 06766 - 253 278

Research & Analysis Consultants (RAC)

"Sustainable local environment and resource management by industry-community cooperation"

Grant Amount : Rs.13,09,500

This demonstration project aims at enthusing people in similar circumstances to bring about a clean environment and prosperity through cooperation among industry, community and NGOs. Industrial solid and gaseous waste will be utilized for useful energy recovery to the benefit of the industry as well as the community. Appropriate land use plan will be designed and degraded land forests in the area will be rehabilitated including water use planning for vegetation cover and crop-raising. Community awareness on the issues of environment change and sustainable management will be promoted. The industry will be educated on environmental protection and social obligations for healthy interrelationships. Training and skill development programmes for fuller human resource management, sustainable income generation and alleviating poverty will be carried out.

Contact Details:
Saroj Ranjan Mania

Plot no.233 A, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneshwar - 751 007, Orissa
Phone no(s): 0674 - 2511 070, 254 5186 (O), 2405 268 ®
Fax: 0674 - 2522 977


"An initiative for reducing human pressure on Similipal Biosphere through promotion of sustainable livelihoods based on land, water and forest management by local inhabitants"

Grant Amount: Rs.14,09,000

The project proposed objectives of Strengthening and Competence building of community based organizations, Conservation of soil and water and creation of irrigation facility for Land Development, Promotion of eco-friendly farming practices viz. Bio-compost and Vermi- compost preparation, Documentation and dissemination of indigenous knowledge and skills on natural resource management.

Contact Details:
Mrs.Puspangini Mohanty, Secretary

Plot no. A-48, Nilakantha Nagar, Nayapalli, Bhubaneshwar - 751 012
Phone no(s): 0647 - 256 0748