Project Completed Successfully


“Promoting Local response for Biodiversity Conservation through Establishment of “Centers of learning” in secondary schools of Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra”

Grant Amount : Rs. 8, 00,000

The goal and purpose of the project is to promote local response for the demonstration of conserving biological diversity through involvement of school children. The project proposes to promote local response of the school children for conserving the natural resources of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg District, to involve various techniques, such as survey of flora and fauna of the regions, demonstrate the conservation of ecologically important (endangered species) plants through establishment of gardens of medicinal plants in and around the schools and create public awareness through formal and non formal methods among various strata of the society, about the importance of environmental protection.


Contact Details:
Dr.Sanjay Deshmukh, Director (Programmes)

Vakola Municipal School, Ground floor, near Vakola bridge, Santacruz (E)
Mumbai - 400 055
Phone no(s): 022 - 617 7022 Telefax: 022 - 612 6940


RANWA - Research & Action in Natural Wealth Administration


“Ecosystem Assessment and Planning Inputs for the Northern Western Ghats”

Grant Amount : Rs. 4,96,990

The project aims to assess local and regional impacts of urbanization, in collaboration with colleges, universities, NGOs and government agencies. It involves to measure the present distribution and status of biodiversity, study the pollution levels in selected habitats including water bodies, document public perception about the environment and sustainable development perspectives and to quantify the impacts of land use changes, human harvests and pollution on biodiversity at local and regional level.


Contact Details:
Dr. Ajay Dixit, President
C - 26/1, Ketan heights, Kothrud, Pune - 411 029
Phone no(s): 020 - 544 6518, 546 4218 Fax: 020 - 542 4426




Biodiversity Samitis: Community Efforts to Preserve Common Property

Grant Amount : Rs.10,00,000

The project involves local communities in the sustainable use of natural resources by making them stake holders in the process of biodiversity and natural resource conservation. Formation of biodiversity samities, training of samiti representatives on natural resources management and biodiversity issues, development of nurseries, seed banks for important species, establishment of biodiversity education centers for the demonstration models of different processes like compost making, hay making, propagation of different plants and preparation of education material.


Contact Details:
Dr.Nitya Ghogte, Director
Shop F, Lantana Gardens, NDA Road, Bavdhan, Pune - 411 021
Phone no(s): 020 - 528 6310 Fax: 020 - 528 6311

Jnana Prabodhini

Confluence of Organic Farming with the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in the Shivaganga and Gunjawani Valleys of Pune district

Grant Amount : Rs. 7,00,000

The project intends to connect the organizational strength of self-help-groups to organic farming practices to promote sustainable agriculture, confluence of women empowerment, improved agriculture, use of organic farming to increase production and demonstrate a method to use agricultural waste effectively and efficiently. It also adds the training component of women SHGs about the organic farming. The major activities to achieve the objectives are promotion of organic manure and pesticides, promotion of vermi-compost, herbal extract for stimulating composting process, use of biogas slurry and the use of organic pesticides.


Contact Details:
Shri Subodh Kulkarni, Project Coordinator
510, Sadashiv Peth, Pune - 411 030
Phone no(s): 020 - 447 8095, 447 7691 Fax: 020 - 449 1806

Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research

“Awareness Generation and Capacity Building of Local Communities for Sustainable Use of Resources in an Ecologically Sensitive Area”

Grant Amount : Rs. 11,58,000

The proposed activities of the project are to identify & train the local people in techniques for initiating the development of ponds for Pisciculture development and Silvicutural techniques in six villages through a PRA, encourage villagers to develop nurseries of local species of trees for fuel-wood, medicinal plants, and non-wood forest products and for biodiversity, the project also aims to enhance pro-environmental behavior among the community at large and the rural schools through a mobile environment educational facility.


Contact Details:
Dr.Erach Bharucha, Director

Katraj, Dhankawadi, Pune - 411 043
Phone no(s): 020 - 437 5684 Fax: 433 9121

Bombay Natural History Society, BNHS

“Training of the Indian Bird Conservation Network members and Local Stakeholders in the Northeast India for enhancement of Bird Conservation”

Grant Amount : Rs. 10,00,000

The project is widely supported advocacy and awareness programme promoting the conservation of globally important sites in India. The projects components include survey of globally important sites as representative of Indian biodiversity; training and workshops for the network building of local stakeholders, train the resource members of the network to implement local awareness and advocacy initiatives in support of agreed conservation plans for their local sites, develop local capacity to monitor key species and habitat variables at priority sites and co-ordinate for the implementation of monitoring plans and maintain a database to undertake periodic reviews of the status of globally important sites to provide feedback to the stakeholders involved in the monitoring of the site conservation.


Contact Details:
Dr.Asad Rahmani, Director
Hornbill House, Dr.Salim Ali Chowk (opp. Lion Gate), Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road
Mumbai - 400 023
Phone no(s): 022 - 2282 1811 Fax: 022 - 2283 7615


Ongoing Project

Institute of Rural Credit and Entrepreneurship Development (IRCED)
“Survival Strategy – Alternative Agriculture System”

Grant Amount : Rs. 7,98,000

The project intends to create education and motivation among the farmers for adoption of organic farming to increase the net profit vis a vis soil productivity by introducing various composting methods such as vermi compost, manure compost, Nadep compost, organic compost, slurry making, etc. the emphasis is also given towards the introduction of resource conserving techniques like green manuring and seed preservation. Supportive irrigation facilities, enhancement of groundwater recharge and soil conservation measures are also incorporated in the programme.

Contact Details:
Mr.Kiran Kulkarni, Secretary
6, Nishant Apartments, Nagraj Colony,
Vishrambaug, Sangli - 416 415, Maharashtra
Phone no(s): 0233 - 300 045, 302 125, 303 460 Fax: 0233 - 301 473


Satpuda Vikas Mandal


“Community Initiatives for Conservation and Propagation of Medicinal Plants and Aromatic Improvement of Biodiversity Regime”

Grant Amount: Rs.9,27,000

The project aims at awareness and motivation of farmers through training, group discussion, meeting and camps etc. to create and develop awareness among the local people about the availability of medicinal plants and poor status of wild fruits. It also intends for the capacity building of the village level institutions for better management of the resources as well as for the cultivation and propagation of the identified medicinal plants and setting up nurseries of medicinal & aromatic plants.


Contact Details:
Shri Shirish Madhukarrao Chaudhari,
Secretary OR Ms. Ranjan Sunit Bonde, Project Coordinator
Tahasil - Raver, District - Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Phone no(s): 02584 - 88421 Telefax: 02584 - 88439


Prayas (Energy Group), Resources and Livelihood Team


“Adaptation of and Capacity Building on Low External Input, Sustainable, and Intensive Cultivation Practices for Enhancing Livelihoods–security of Resource Poor Women and Tribals”

Grant Amount : Rs. 14,94,000

The project is proposed for the documentation and practices adopted by Social Development and Research Institute and Prays, and experimentation on the major Low External Input, Sustainable and Intensive Cultivation (LEISIC) Practices mainly in soil amelioration and crop tending. Setting up Demonstration and Awareness of LEISIC practices for women and tribals and to provide livelihoods’ security to resource-poor sections of the society, by adapting suitable LEISIC techniques.

Contact Details:
14/13 Laxminarayanan Nagar, Erandwana, Pune - 411 004
Phone no(s): 020 - 567 6742/ 2230 Fax: 020 - 542 0337


Parisar Samrakshan, Samvardhan Samstha

“Environmentally Sustainable, People-Centred Urban Transport”

Grant Amount: Rs. 700000/-

The objective of the project is to establish the perspective of Environmentally Sustainable Traffic and Transport Policy in the minds of policy makers and citizens and to develop a framework of environmentally sustainable transport for Pune city with the participation of citizens. A specialist group will be created that will be made up of individuals from the field of traffic planning, technical consultants, architects, planners, environmentalists, journalists and citizens’ activists. A compilation of existing published material on Traffic and Transport will be developed to show that Sustainable Transport is not only possible but also essential in the long term. Meetings will be organized with various organized and non-organized stakeholders to communicate the perspective of Sustainable Transport. Feedback will be sought from the participants and articulation of the demands from diverse stakeholders and user groups will be incorporated into a framework. A final city level workshop will be organized to present the consolidated framework.


Contact Details:
Mr.Sujit Patwardhan, Hon. Secretary
“Yamuna”, ICS Colony, Ganeshkhind Road, Pune – 411 097
Phone no(s): (020) – 553 7955



“Community Outreach and Dissemination for Up-scaling of Small-Plot Sustainable Cultivation Models: Enhancing Livelihoods of Resource Poor Sections"

Grant Amount: Rs.15,47,000

This project has been undertaken as the next stage of their earlier project under the SGP. While the earlier project focused on adapting the LEISIC practices and in capacity building, this follow-up project aims to enhance the food and livelihood security of the local community by increasing the productivity of marginal lands and enhancing the biodiversity in the local natural resource systems. This, they propose to do by developing technically validated models of LEISIC-based livelihood options such as backyard gardens and small horticulture plots, and by disseminating the models of LEISIC through community-based demonstration plots. The NGO foresees that the project will ultimately have set up about 20 demo plots in 3 districts, that will mainly comprise of intensive cultivation of various fruit trees, vegetables and some other crops. Training will be provided to people who will serve as Technical Support Persons. Also, the dissemination activities will culminate in the formation of Sustainable Cultivators Groups (SCGs), each of which will consist of people from several households.


Contact Details:
Dr.Subodh Wagle
'Mangesh Pushp’, Survey no.133, Swami Vivekanand Society,
Near BAIF, Warje, Pune – 411 052
Phone no(s): 020 2523 2836
Fax: 020 2542 0337


“Enhancing Crop Productivity by Introduction of Soil Conservation Measures and Biodiversity Crop Systems through active Participation of Tribal Women”

Grant Amount: Rs.4,33,000

The project intends to create a model for reorienting the modern agriculture system by putting women at the forefront. It includes selection of young, enthusiastic women beneficiaries in the villages to act as a motivators and animators, awareness generation among the women about indigenous crop varieties, mixed cropping, herbal medicines, soil and water conservation measures to enhance biodiversity on the farms of poor beneficiaries to achieve food and economic security.


Contact Details:
Dr.Tarak Kate
Bank of India Colony, Nalwadi, Wardha - 442 001
Telefax: 07152 - 250584

Vidarbha Nature Conservation Society

“Capacity Building for Participatory Conservation of Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management around Nawegaon National Park”

Grant Amount: Rs. 1300000/-

The NGO addresses the project through capacity building of stakeholders to facilitate actions for reducing biotic pressure and to generate village level microplans for the National Park. For this, they will train community workers in resource mapping techniques and actual mapping work. A community centre will be built and ward level Committees will be formed, close interaction with the dwellers of which will be facilitated. A micro plan of the wards for fodder, fuel and NTFP management will be developed. Skill training, exposure visits, and demonstration programmes will be arranged for the beneficiaries. SHG activities will include account keeping, credit operation and nursery establishment. People from the local community will be encouraged to form Village Forest Protection Committees who will be involved in matters such as fire control, fuel and fodder survey and capacity building for mainly the community members and the SHG members. They will develop some educational material on some of their experiences and studies.


Contact Details:
Mr.Dilip Gode, Hon.Secretary
Tidke Ashram, Ganeshpeth, Nagpur – 440 018
Phone no(s): (0712) 272 8942

Jagrut Mahila Samaj
“Diversified biomass production system for livelihood for poor women”

Grant Amount: Rs. 1400000/-

This project undertakes to upgrade the knowledge and skills of women about land, water and forest resource management in an effort to establish diversified biomass systems on wasteland to meet the demand for fodder, fuel, partial food requirement, timber and high value biomass. This process will also help in income generation. Besides, the NGO will monitor the growth of plantations on wasteland and its growth response to nutrients and water. Resource groups will be formed for discussions and meetings with women who will finalize the plan for the project. They will be allotted a small plot of (0.2) hectares where each woman would carry out activities independently for biomass production. The methodology of self study, experiments and ventures will be initiated. This initiative will address peoples’ yearning for advanced scientific knowledge and help in using the knowledge to experiment and innovate. Women will share their experiences and evaluate the performance of each member of the group.


Contact Details:
Mrs.Sandhya Edlabadkar, President
Tirupati Balaji Ward, Behind water tank,
Ballarpur, Dist. Chandrapur – 442 701
Phone no(s): (07172) - 240815