Ongoing Project


Grant Amount : Rs.16,79,400


"Demonstrating Sustainable Community-based Management of Solid and Biomedical waste"


The main objectives of the NGO is to create awareness and a sense of commitment to a clean city among the citizens and to facilitate the creation of sustainable neighborhood groups that can initiate, manage and own their neighborhood garbage disposal system and also the civic services through a corpus fund. The feasibility of the campaign would be demonstrated in two pilot areas where the people’s willingness to pay for improved services will be highlighted. For this, educational material will be developed and disseminated through meetings, wall writing and other means. A system for segregation of garbage at the household level will be put in place and appropriate trolleys for collection of segregated garbage will be designed. A 50 kg recycled paper plant will be set up and market channels will be established. A common waste treatment facility for hospitals in the city will also be set up. There will be training programmes for trainers and rag pickers. A Committee of residents to keep check of the functioning of garbage collection and disposal in both the localities will be formed.


Contact Details:
Shri Arbind Singh, Executive Director

Sudama Bhawan, Boring Road, Patna - 800 001, Bihar
Phone no(s): 0612 - 227 7589, 257 0705 (O), 257 0705
Fax: 0612 - 221 2539