Project Completed Successfully

Christian School Association
“Environment Education Initiative”

Grant Amount : Rs. 4,20,651

The project is propose to organise student’s vocational training, camps, study tour etc. to spread the environment education, conduct teachers training, seminar and adult education for functional literacy and motivate socio-economic and environmental awareness through seminars, campaigns and demonstration in the project area.

Contact Details:
Mr.Obed A. Chahong, Executive Secretary

Phungreitang West Opp. T.V. Station,
Phungreitang Ukhrul District - 795 142 Manipur
Phone no(s): 03870 - 222 080

“Organising teachers workshop for EE capacity building”

Grant Amount : Rs.4,96,400

Some of the environmental problems the project area faces is water shortage, deforestation and neglect of grazing land, and these are leading to larger environmental issues concerning survival of the inhabitants in that area. The NGO, therefore, undertook to conduct capacity building programmes for teachers by developing resource material and organising a 4-day Teachers' workshop on Environmental Education Programme in Schools (upto the secondary level). Also, there will be recommendations for deciding upon a development curriculum and Teaching Aids.

Contact Details:
Mr.Siraj Ahmed, Secretary

Sangaiyumpham, P.O. Wangjing - 795 148, District Thoubal, Manipur
Phone no(s): 03848 - 222600

Ongoing Project

Backward Areas Development Organisation - Manipur (BADOM)
“Save and Regenerate the Environment”

Grant Amount : Rs. 3,50,000

The project is to promote Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT) technology and community plantation program in order to protect and preserve the ecology and environment and as an alternative to shifting cultivation, stop shifting cultivation, charcoal production and lumbering which is practiced extensively in Chandel District and generate sustainable income for the poorest of the poor and also to bring about ecological balance

Contact Details:
Mr.Paojalen Haokip
HAOKIP - VENG, Imphal - 795 001, Manipur
Phone no(s): 0385 - 443 218, 223 218

The Ecological & Community Development for Tribal Women & Children Society (ECDTWCS)

“Land Management”

Grant Amount : Rs. 4,78,000

The project encourages small and marginal farmers to develop plantation on wastelands and protect nearby forest area from further degradation. The wastelands due to jhum cultivation of small and marginal farmers were to be identified with the help of village authorities, Forest Range Officers and project beneficiaries. By bringing about technical mass awareness on environment & sustainability through seminars, public meetings, orientation programmes to the target groups and by raising nurseries near the project site, the NGO aims to protect land for plantation beneficial to tribals living below the poverty line. This way, the fodder and fuel needs of the tribal poor shall be met and the ecological balance shall be restored. This project will also create jobs for the unemployed youth of the rural areas thereby bringing about upliftment of the socioeconomic condition of rural/ tribal people in the project area.

Contact Details:
Ms.M.K.Shimray - The Chief Functionary
Grace Cotage, Viewland, Ukhrul, Manipur – 795 142
Phone no(s): 03870 - 222202

Rural Reconstruction Organisation
Development of Dry Land Agriculture in Imphal West District

Grant Amount : Rs.596895/-

The project undertakes to grow and popularise an extinct rare rice plant called Chak-hou Poreition and among the farming community thereby reinforcing the heritage of growing this traditional rice variety and improving the socio-economic condition in the project area. They will also attempt to conserve/preserve rare species of crops and improve the natural agricultural farming system by adopting organic farming, mobilising bio-resources like biofertilisers, biopesticides, etc. through women SHG activities. Awareness programmes will be held on organic farming and other conservation practices. The beneficiaries chosen will be from among the lower economic class and their land will be used for implementing the project activities.

Contact Details:
Th.Sarat Singh, General Secretary

Mongsangei, Imphal West-II, Imphal West district, Manipur – 795 003
Phone no(s): (0385) – 222 397

Participatory Action for Sustainable Development Organisation (PASDO)
Strengthening Local Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation of Shiroi Peak

Grant Amount : Rs. 4,97,500

The local community of the project area has been, over the years, indiscriminately cutting the trees of the surrounding forest for sale as timber and firewood. Moreover shifting cultivation is practiced at the foothill. These activities together with setting forest fires, unregulated hunting and sale of valuable plants have seriously damaged the ecosystem of the peak. Even the number of migratory birds locally known as Shiri has reduced drastically as the Michelia Exersa trees whose seeds the birds fed on, have depleted. The Shiroi Lily is also reducing in number and size. This is because of two main reasons – firstly because of tourism and secondly because the Lily habitat is getting choked by a bamboo species known as Machun. Due to the lack of awareness on alternative means of livelihood and lack of skills on more productive self employment avenues, many have resorted to timber business which is further damaging the ecosystem of the Shiroi Peak.
Since thousands of tourists visit the Peak during the Lily flowering season, the NGO undertakes to carve out a protected area for the Lily flowers and clear the Lily habitat of the bamboo plants. They propose to give training on Eco-tourism Management, biodiversity conservation and entrepreneurship development. PASDO will carry out research and do a detailed study of the multiplication and propagation of the Lily flower. Besides, workshops, awareness and training programmes, and capacity building will be carried out at different levels on different aspects of conservation. While PASDO will facilitate and organize community action in the overall implementation process of the project, the Village Authorities and Village Development Committee will be responsible for organizing the local community to carry out the activities.

Contact Details:
Gajendra Prasad Mohanty, Project Co-ordinator
Ms. H.Thotchuila, Executive Secretary
Post box no.22, Ukhrul, Manipur – 795 142
Visiting add: 6th M.R.Road, Dungrei, Hundung, Ukhrul, Manipur
Phone no(s): 03870 - 222032

Foundation for Environment and Economic Development Services (FEEDS)

In-situ and ex-situ conservation and regeneration of orchids by tribal women in the Senapati District of Manipur

Grant Amount: Rs. 7,36,000

Contact Details:
Gajendra Prasad Mohanty, Project Co-ordinator
Haokholet Kipgen, President
NJL Building Chahsad Avenue, P.O. Imphal – 795 001, Manipur
Phone no(s): (0385) 222 3869
Fax: (0385) 244 0077

Rural Educational Development Institute (REDI)
Integrated Land and Water Management Project

Grant Amount: Rs. 2,94,200

Contact Details:
Mutum Basanta Singh, Secretary
Mayanglangjing, S.P.O. Lamsang Bazaar, Imphal, Manipur – 795 146
Phone no(s): (03870) 2312 730