Project Completed Successfully

Wayanad Social Services Society

"Conservation of Biodiversity through Awareness Building, Documentation and Preservation of Medical Plants in Wayand District"

Grant Amount : Rs. 4,32,250/ -

The purpose of the project was to collect, conserve, preserve and propagate medicinal plants available in the proposed area of Wayanad district. It was also intended to form a demonstration cum conservation gene park, preparation of herbarium of various species of medicinal plants, setting up of a herbal plants mother nursery and supply of medicinal plants to the village women groups and training and awareness of the village groups in preparation of herbal medicines.


Contact Details:
Fr. Kuriakose Kunnarh 16, Mananthavady, Wayanad, Kerala-670645
Phone no(s): 0493-540314 Telefax: 0493 - 542 388

Malanadu Development Society
“Thulappally Micro Hydel Project”

Grant Amount: Rs.10,00,000

A micro Hydel project has been designed at Thulappally, a remote village in Kerala. At Thulappally, about 70% of the periphery is reserve forest where the chances of the State Electricity Board supply to reach this area are very remote due to the long distance of the existing supply mains. In addition to that, a lot of trees are cut by the local people for firewood. The major activities of the project included; formation of construction committee, conducting a survey to identify the ideal location for the project, construction of micro-hydel plant, electrical energy generation, distribution of electricity, it’s maintenance, etc.


Contact Details:
Fr.Mathew Vadakkemuryil

Pastoral Centre, Kanjirapally, Kottayam district, Kerala- 686 507
Phone no(s): 0482 - 802 718/ 756, 890 256
Telefax: 0482 - 803 356


Ongoing Project

Centre for Environment and Development

“Regeneration, Restoration and Eco-Development of Degraded Mangrove Areas with Community Participation in Kalliassery Panchayat of Kerala”

Grant Amount: Rs. 10,98,500

The project intends to achieve the objective of mangrove conservation through field appraisal and preparation of maps, mobilization and awareness programmes, seedling collection and establishment of nursery, regeneration and protection of the area, land preparation and planting operations, establishment of a mangrove ecosystem resource center with community initiatives for maintenance and monitoring of the project.


Contact Details:
Dr.Babu Ambat, Director

C.V.Raman Pillai road, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695 014
Phone no(s): 0471 - 233 8022, 233 8040
Fax: 0471 - 233 8040

Wayanad Social Service Society

“Conservation of medicinal plants and promotion of indigenous knowledge and local health traditions among rural communities in Wayanad”

Grant Amount : Rs.10,11,000

The project will launch an intensive campaign for awareness generation and capacity building for the conservation of biodiversity with a focus on herbal heritage in the region and its appropriateness as an alternative healthcare strategy for the resource poor. Community cultivation of medicinal plants will be arranged as a part of the campaign besides seminars, workshops and training programmes. Ex- situ conservation will be promoted by selecting 150 households who can collect, plant and conserve a minimum of 100 species. A mother-nursery of medicinal plants will be established and maintained to support supply and promote generation of new species. People will be trained on the use and values of herbs to encourage them to set up a herbal garden in their homes and there will be an Intensive Entrepreneurship Development Programme training for farmers. A network of SHGs and farmers will be formed to facilitate marketing and commercial cultivation. A local treatment centre will also be started where traditional physicians will provide low-cost herbal treatment.


Contact Details:
Fr.Kuriakose Kunnath, Secreatary

P.B. Np 16, Manathavady, Wayanad - 670645, Kerala
Phone no(s): 04935 - 240 314; Fax: 04935 - 242 388
; Website:

M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF)

“On-farm conservation of Yam (Dioscorea sp) diversity in the Malabar eco- region

Grant Amount: Rs. 14,00,000

Most yam varieties and species do not produce seeds and therefore cannot be conserved in conventional seed gene banks. The morphological characters of this group are highly variable which make it difficult to draw boundaries of variations between the taxa. Yam is a tuber rich in nutrients and lasts long and is therefore helpful in areas where people face food insecurity. The project will establish community seed banks of yam germ plasm and carry out on-farm conservation of all the known cultivated gene pool of Dioscorea. The NGO will also undertake to cultivate and market on a large-scale, 2 species as raw tubers in powder form. A Yam Conservation Corps will be formed and trained in the relevant field and will function as catalysts for cultivation of the selected superior strains and as the Seed Bank Managers. Most importantly, traditional methods of cultivation will be revitalized for yam cultivation.


Contact Details:
Dr.N.Anil Kumar, Programme Director

Community Agrobiodiversity Centre, Puthoorvayal P.O., Kalpetta,
Wayanad – 673 121 Kerala
Phone no(s): (04936) 204477, 207019, 204295
Fax: 204477, 207019,