Ongoing Project

Karnataka Association for Advancement of Science

“The Wild Orchids of the Karnataka Part of the Western Ghats in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli”

Grant Amount: Rs. 3,25,000

The project intends to conserve the wild orchids through exploration and collection of orchids involving local communities and the Karnataka Forest Department. The objective is to promote the conservation of hot spots of wild orchids both in-situ and ex-situ, exploration and collection of wild orchids, establishment of orchidarium at the state level and documentation of wild orchids.


Contact Details:
Dr.T.Ananda Rao

Central College, Bangalore
Phone no(s): 080 - 2217658 (o), 6572079 ®

Krishnamurthy Foundation India

“In-situ Conservation of Indigenous and Rare speicies of Plants to Support the Livelihood of Communities in the Fringes of Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Palamner”

Grant Amount: Rs. 10,00,000

The project’s emphasis is the in-situ conservation of rare and indigenous plant species (NTFPs); identify and employ simple processing techniques to add values to NTFPs by involvement of local communities; in-situ conservation activities and establishing a marketing network for NTFPs to improve the socio-economic conditions of the local communities. Prioritize the most common and abundant NTFPs in the selected project area and the capacity building of the communities including women through training and action programmes to conserve and enable sustainable harvesting of selected forest produce.


Contact Details:
Dr.Sudha Premnath, Vice-President

The Bangalore Education Centre (KFI), "Haridvanam", Thatguni Post,
Bangalore - 560 062
Phone no(s):080 - 8435 240/41 Fax: 080 - 8435 032
thevalleyschool@vsnl.net, thevalleyschool@tatanova.com

Nagarika Seva Trust
“People’s Biodiversity Registers, Application & Extension”

Grant Amount: Rs. 9,80,000

The emphasis of the project is to collect secondary data of selected biodiversity sites, mapping the study area, collection of basic household data, visiting the representative landscape elements, organizing personal interviews & group discussion with user groups, recording diversity of cultivars, livestock & ecological history, conducting discussions with nomadic shepherds & government officials, recording the instances of conflicts & consensus, recording management options suggested by user groups, carrying out follow-up activities and to develop applications of biodiversity registers as a document compiled by villagers about their intrinsic knowledge and practices.


Contact Details:
P.O. Guruvayanakere- 574217, Belthangady
TalukDist. Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE)
"Promoting fish drying using efficient biomass fired dryers"

Grant Amount : Rs. 11,90,000

The project aims to achieve the above objectives through initial interaction with the fisher- folk, assessment of the current fish drying operation; Identifying local NGO working with fishing community; Exposure visits to the fisher –folk to biomass dryers constructed by TIDE; Training of fisher women in fish drying and trail production of dried fish; Installation of dryers of appropriate capacity in identified locations; setting up of appropriate market linkages; Development of mechanism of ‘pay and use’ for the dryer by members of self help group and replication of the methodology in other identified locations.


Contact Details:
Mr.Sampath Kumar

19, 19th Cross, 6th Main, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 03
Phone no(s): 080 - 331 5656, 3462032 Fax: 080 - 334 4555

Tropical Research and Development Centre
“Conservation of wild fruit tees in eastern fringes of Western Ghat region”

Grant Amount: Rs. 8,50,000

The project seeks to conserve 6 varieties of wild fruit forest tree species with high commercial value. The NGO will develop suitable conditions for Ecotourism in the forest, which will serve as a habitat for a variety of wild fauna. They propose to set up a tree nursery with forest fruit trees and develop market linkages for their sale. It will act as a centre of tourist observation to promote understanding of tropical forest fruits, seed collection and maintenance of the tree nursery. Through this project, they aim to conduct a Fruit Trees Fair and bring about publicity through the media, as steps towards creating awareness of tropical forest fruits, and also carry out capacity building programmes with stakeholders. They propose to increase the local fruit tree population through homestead gardens and to prepare a register of the wild fruit trees including the botanical and medicinal aspects. They also propose to form a Forest Watch Group of Wild Fruit Trees with children, women and youth. Of major importance, will be the strengthening of human resources and tropical fruit research and sharing of technologies and fruit germplasm.


Contact Details:
Dr.Anil Abbi

57/ C, 18th main, BSK – I stage, Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore – 560 050
Phone no(s): 6604952 (o), 98451 – 78740, 6603618 ®