Project Completed Successfully


“Biodiversity Protection, Utilisation & Cultivation of Indigenous Medicinal Plants”

Grant Amount : Rs. 3,30,000

The project purpose was to educate the people for the use and commercial cultivation of medicinal herbs for economic gains. It aimed to set up a garden for plantation with the provision of nursery to be used as practical training spot as well as for resource generation. It also proposed to organise an awareness campaign for women and youth, involvement of the subject experts in the training programme to achieve the objectives, and establish a nursery as a model for medicinal plant cultivation, training and to supply material to the target population.


Contact Details:
Mr. Jahangir Khan, Secretary
H.O. Banglipura, P.O. Jania, District Barpeta - 781 314, Assam
Phone no(s): 03713 - 221 245

“Development of Nursery for Medicinal Plants”

Grant Amount : Rs. 5,01,000

The project is designed to develop a nursery of medicinal plants having potent pharmaceutical importance. The emphasis is given for commercial exploitation with proper conservation and sustainable utilization of medicinal plants, which in turn result in to economic upliftment of the society as well as solved the problem of unemployment up to some extent.


Contact Details:
Mr. Anup Kumar Talukdar.
Lamb Road, Latasil, Guwahati - 781 001,, Assam
Telefax: 0361 - 254 4208 Fax: 0361 - 260 3304


Collection and Preservation of Indigenous, Medicinal & Fruit Plants of Assam

Grant Amount : Rs. 3,58,000

The purpose of the proposed project is to conserve the biodiversity hotspots of northeastern region in the country. It comprises the selection of the indigenous variety of fruits and medicinal plants. The objectives include, survey, collection and utilization of the plant species, identify the scope of the species for commercial utilization, collection of indigenous germplasm, awareness generation among the school students and the local community about preservation of biodiversity, preparation of the training manual for the teachers and the students which incorporates both theory and practical aspects of the programme, and organise training groups in the schools for the planting and propagation.


Contact Details:
Dr.D.N..Borthakur, Project Leader
Dighali Pukhri (East), Guwahati - 781 001, Assam
Phone no(s): 0361 - 263 6695 (o), 255 7373 ®

“Preserving Minor Fruits and Conserving the Biota”

Grant Amount : Rs. 3,99,825

The project is design to create awareness among the school students to revive the traditional practices of the minor fruit plants in the community and establish demonstration and germplasm centers for the preservation of minor fruit plants. It incorporates awareness camps, plantation of seedlings, distribution of seedlings among the target groups; preparation of study materials of the minor fruit plants their environment and the biodiversity. The project also intends to involve eco-clubs and the local community organisations for community asset development.

Contact Details:
Mr.Kangkan Kumar Saikia, Project Executive
Mangaldai, L.N.B Road, Mangaldai - 784 125, District Darrang, Assam
Phone no(s): 03713 - 222 712


Ongoing Project


Conservation of Hoolock Gibbons and Rain Forest Biodiversity through Community Participation Approach

Grant Amount : Rs. 4,20,000

The project has an objective of Capacity building of the local people and to educate them about the importance of the rainforest in maintaining ecological balance and for sustainable development. A network and coordination among villagers, forest workers and NGO members for saving the rainforest habitats and to protect Hoolock Gibbons will be established. Mass awareness at multilateral levels about the need for conservation of Hoolock Gibbons will be created and long term protection of the Hoolock Gibbons and the Biodiversity of the rainforest of the Brahmhaputra Valley will be provided.


Contact Details:
Shri Soumyadeep Datta
'Datta Bari', Ward no.1, Dhubri - 783 301, Assam
Phone no(s): 03662 - 31967 Fax: 03662 - 30076


Socio Economic Changes of the people of Bojali subdivision through water and Land Management

Grant Amount : Rs.1082400/-

The project is designed to encourage people to be self-reliant by taking community development measures. Financial assistance will be provided to the community both for self-employment and capital formation. They will be promoted to carry out social, civic, educational and charitable activities and manage social welfare centres. They will be trained on modern agricultural techniques and pisciculture. Irrigation facilities will be built to promote multi-cropping where mono-cropping is being practised. In order to safeguard the area from regular floods and protect crops, reservoirs will be made. Tree plantations along river banks is another activity.


Contact Details:
Samarendra Nath Mukherjee, Secretary & Executive Director
Assam State Office: P.O. Pathsala, Distt. Barpeta, Assam
Phone no(s): (03666) 66 349

Head Office: 8c, ‘B’ Road, Anandapuri, Barrackpore, P.O.Nona –
Chandanpukur, 24 Parganas (N), West Bengal – 743 102
Phone no(s): (033) 561 0583 (o), 469 0162 (r)
Fax: (033) 845 1123