Project Completed Successfully

"Sustainable Agriculture through Agro-Forestry Programme"

Grant Amount: Rs.4,26,190

The purpose of the project was to improve the degraded land through wide spread awareness regarding hill forest wasteland development and agro-forestry system, involve and assist the local community in developing more effective model in planning, maintenance and protection of environment. The project also proposed to stop shifting cultivation/ podu cultivation, reduction in the deforestation activity by the tribals leading to environmental protection, make tribal women aware of their environment and start up some income generation activities for them to contribute in the family income.


Contact Details:
Mr. P. Venkateswar Rao, Executive Director
Door no.6-55A, Parimpudi, Kayyalagudem Mandal,
West Godavari district - 534 312
Andhra Pradesh
Phone no(s): 08821 - 36549; Fax: 08821 - 40897


Ongoing Project


"In-situ Conservation of Indigenous and Rare speicies of Plants to Support the Livelihood of Communities in the Fringes of Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Palamner"

Grant Amount: Rs.10,00,000

The project’s emphasis is the in-situ conservation of rare and indigenous plant species (NTFPs); identify and employ simple processing techniques to add values to NTFPs by involvement of local communities; in-situ conservation activities and establishing a marketing network for NTFPs to improve the socio-economic conditions of the local communities. Prioritize the most common and abundant NTFPs in the selected project area and the capacity building of the communities including women through training and action programmes to conserve and enable sustainable harvesting of selected forest produce.


Contact Details:
Dr.Sudha Premnath, Vice-President
Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI),
Kaigal, Post Thotakanam, Baireddipalli Mandalam, Chittoor - 571415, (A.P)
Phone no(s):080 - 8435 240/41; Fax: 080 - 8435 032,

SAHAJEEVAN - Action for Development
“Improved Livelihoods of Poor in Protected Areas for Biodiversity Conservation”

Grant Amount: Rs.4,50,000

The project intends to create awareness activities for the people and foresters through meeting, training, and networking. Community mobilization on rational use of NTFP registers, scientific studies, dissemination of information and state level meetings. It also includes the conservation of bio-diversity in protected areas (PAs) through active local participation, provision to select NTFP rights for protected area as incentives for participation thereby improving the poor surroundings. It also emphasizes to present a case and good practices to improve participatory management in PAs and appropriate policy changes, in the joint area of operation.


Contact Details:
Mr.B.Venkat Reddy, Chief Functionary
LBS Road, Piler, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh
Phone no(s):08584 - 240764, 040 - 7564959, 3357471
Fax: 040 - 756 4959


“Establishment of fodder bank to promote grassland biodiversity and for sustainable drought relief”

Grant Amount: Rs.14,70,000

The project has been undertaken to revive the biodiversity in an area that receives low rainfall and faces frequent drought spells. Since the available groundwater is used for growing commercial crops, there is a resultant scarcity in crop residues, which are the primary feeding source. Farmers are very often, forced to give away their animals for slaughter. Therefore, the project undertakes to cultivate various fodder crops using the government wasteland, identified as a Fodder Bank. A 3-tier system of fodder development will be set up to ensure continuous availability of fodder and one that will sustain low rainfall. The fodder will be preserved by Silage and Hay making and will be stored in Silage pits / trenches (silos) and Haystacks. The same pits can be recycled with simple maintenance for the following seasons. The developed fodder plots will be protected by stray-grazers. They propose to supply the fodder to the local farmers primarily who have Indigenous Milch cattle in order to support native breed development. The Fodder Bank will forecast the fodder demand keeping its production in view and will coordinate with the government agencies during drought to provide sufficient nutritive fodder. Part of the area under cultivation will be kept aside for seed production and the rest of the area for fodder.


Contact Details:
Dr. N.V.Sreekanth BabuN. Vishnuvandana Devi, Secretary 13-6-600-44-39, Peddakapu Layout, Tirupathi – 517 501, Andhra Pradesh
Phone no(s):0877 – 225 2851
Fax: 0877 – 225 7645


“Developing Sustainable Agricultural livelihoods on Conserving Biodiversity through integrated Nutrient and Pest Management Participatory technology Development for Small Scale Farmers in Semi Arid areas of Andhra Pradesh”

Grant Amount: Rs. 15,05,000

The project proposes to improve the livelihoods of small-scale cotton farmers by reducing the cost of cultivation through IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices, education and awareness on various agricultural processes, organic farming and creation of natural habitat for the larger predator. The aim is to form a network of farmers, NGOs, researchers and input suppliers to promote bio-diversity, and increase the organic matter content in the soil to provide substrate for micro-flora and fauna of the soil.


Contact Details:
Mr. K.S.Gopal
3-4-142/6, Barkatpura, Hyderabad-500027 Andhra Pradesh
Phone no(s):040-7563017 Fax:040-7564959


“Sustainable Coastal area Development Programme through Community based Mangrove Conservation and Regeneration activities in East Godavari District”

Grant Amount : Rs. 10,00,000

The goal and purpose of the project is to enhance the community capacity and community action in conservation and sustainable management of the mangrove wetlands and marine ecosystems of the project area. The purpose is to build enough capacity in local communities to conserve, regenerate and sustain mangrove wetlands in an integrated manner through participatory analysis, training, action programmes and develop gender sensitization & women empowerment through sustainable livelihood support systems. To generate environmental awareness among the community to take up a mangrove regeneration programme with their active participation.


Contact Details:
Mr. K.l.Durgesh Prasad, Executive Secretary
SRAVANTI Associates, 321-50 KVR Swamy Road, Rajahmundry-533101,
East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
Phone no(s):0883 - 461139 Fax no.: 0883 - 472066